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SILLUSTANI is the most important pre-Inca cemetery in Peru from 600 to 800 years AD, started by the Qollas but continued in the empire of the Incas, is located on a peninsula on the Umayo Lagoon, which enjoys an atmosphere of tranquility and peace very unique, more than 4000 people are considered buried, with tunnels in their interiors that are not yet put in value, the most representative are the funeral towers called CHULLPAS, some of more than 12 meters high by 7 in diameter, with samples of architectural techniques without similar and inexplicable, in 1973 a team of studies of the University of San Marcos found 503 pieces of gold that corresponded to 5 Kilos, belonging to the ornaments of a lord of the Qollas.
We also visit the alpaqueras communities that live around the Chullpas, that invite us to enter their houses, they give us potatoes cooked with cheese and they show us their products, the way they weave and develop their textiles, the interior of their rooms and how they raise their animals.