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Course to Choquequirao

Day 1: Cusco - Saywite -Villa Los Loros Lodge

The travelers are picked up at their hotel and depart from Cusco at 7:00 am by private bus, with the Saywite Archaeological Park as the first destination. There we will know the mysterious monolith and the nearby archaeological remains; the "ushnu" and the "phaqchas" staggered should remain in the memory in order to contrast their correspondence with the ceremonial architecture of Choquequirao. After a repairing box-lunch, the  trip continues descending through the remote valley of Huanipaca, one of those places of the Peruvian mountains reserved for travelers. Villa Los Loros lodge awaits us at the bottom of the deep valley. The rooms ready and after a necessary relax, a small meeting in which to dispel the anxiety that a trip like this provokes in every traveler. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Villa Los Loros Lodge - San Ignacio Beach - Choquequirao

After breakfast we leave at 5:30 am, going down a pedestrian path that enters the old Hacienda San Ignacio and then plummets downhill towards the torrential Apurímac River (Playa San Ignacio). We crossed the suspension bridge ... here begins the serious thing; the ascent from the water level (1,450 msnm) to the Choquequirao camp (2,870 msnm) is nothing less than overwhelming. On the one hand, the beauty of the landscape, rivers, waterfalls, lilac flowers, everything is movement ... On the other, the wildness of the environment; the steep slope and the beating of the heart combine in a personal connection of the traveler with his surroundings and with himself. Already in the camp and after lunch, Phaqchayoc awaits us (the system of terraces or "pantry" dedicated to the cultivation of corn) and the House of the Fall of Water (according to scholars, the home of the Inca provincial of Choquequirao). Returned to the camp, tired, dinner will be served and night will be spent. (Bathroom and cold shower available).

Day 3: Choquequirao all day

This is the cutest day. We are struck by how the vast majority of visitors take 4 days of walking (two to go and two to return) and only a few hours or maybe minutes to enjoy exploring the different sectors of Choquequirao. Understanding that the complex is organized scattered on both sides of the spur of the Apu Qorihuayrachina, we will know how to dedicate the time it deserves and that it is necessary to understand the integrity of its context. We will have all day to visit the best sectors of the Archaeological Park; the flames, the high and low parts, the Great Sidewalk, the Triumphal Wall of Sartiges. Our travelers will enjoy lunch near the Set, so as not to interrupt the visit and see -with a bit of luck- the majestic flight of the condor over the deep canyon of the Apurímac River. We return to the camp, where dinner will be served and the night will be spent. (Bathroom and cold shower available).

Day 4: Choquequirao - Hacienda San Ignacio - Villa Los Loros Lodge

After breakfast and knowing the route, the return becomes easier. We will be surprised by the novelty of the landscape; now we enjoy a different view because the mood (and the recovered muscles) is at maximum. The voice of the river always there, the imposing Apurimac Canyon seems to swallow the traveler. Finally, the San Ignacio Beach. "Black Whip", "Machuco", "Cayguash" or someone else awaits us. The return on their loins gives us the opportunity of a last great look at the landscape of which we are already a part. Riding allows an excellent way to photograph the friends with whom we came and the new friends that the trip gives us; The muleteers are a kind of superman and their way of life will penetrate deep into the traveler's memories. Next to the ruined walls of Hacienda San Ignacio, we rest and after lunch the horse ride takes us to Villa Los Loros lodge. Looking back, we will know how far we have come. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Villa Los Loros Lodge - Cusco

After breakfast, we board the bus back to Cusco, where we arrive around 13.00hrs


Briefing participants at their hotel in Cusco, the day before departure; private round trip (Cusco - Villa Los Loros lodge - Cusco); professional guide (English - Spanish); professional field chef; two nights accommodation at Villa Los Loros lodge; two nights of camping in the Archaeological Park of Choquequirao; high quality camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag with personal savannah, mattress, kitchen tent, dining room, tables and chairs, kitchen and all household items, lighting equipment, etc.); radio communication through the entire journey; first aid kit; all meals and drinks at the lodge and during the excursion; snacks for the road; trained muleteers and cargo mules; emergency horse throughout the trekking route (in the ratio of 1 to 3 walkers); entrance tickets to the Archaeological Complex of Saywite and Choquequirao; Personal saddle horse for the return from Playa San Ignacio to the lodge.


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