Citadel of Pachacamac and Paso Peruano HorsesDesde: $ 98.00Half dayBook Package

Citadel of Pachacamac and Paso Peruano Horses

Citadel of Pachacamac and Paso Peruano Horses

08.45 Hrs Pick up the passengers from the Hotel

09.30 Hrs Visit the museum and then enter into  the ruins to find the most important temples on the coast, such as the painted temple, the temple of the sun, the temple of women (Acllahuasi). Pachacamac was one of the most important sacred centers of pre-Hispanic America. It belonged to four great civilizations: Lima, in the Early Intermediate; Wari, the Middle Horizon; Ishma in the late intermediate; And Tahuantinsuyo, in the Third Horizon. In all of this periods they worshiped the fearsome Pachacamac, the god of earthquakes. Guided bilingual tour.

12.15 Hrs we will go to have lunch at the thematic restaurant of Peruvian Paso horse an unique show of his genre, we will enjoy a great Show, accompanied of delicious buffet lunch, and typical dances

COST PER PAX $ 98.00 Dolars 

The program includes:

-Transportation Tourist Miraflores / Pachacamac / Miraflores. -Tickets of entrance to the Citadel of Pachacamac. -Guided specialized, tour of the Pachacamac Citadel. - Official Tourism Guide and / or Tourism Coordinator. -Lunch buffet in D. Passo (Mamacona) with a soft drink

*Minimum 2 PAX      
* Non-refundable payment
* Price expressed in American Dollars
* Valid  to December 31 -2020
* Applies for all seasons