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Temple of Sechín and Chankillo

Temple of Sechín and Chankillo

05:30 Hrs. Pick up passengers from the hotel.
5:45 a.m. Departure to Casma.
08:30 hrs. Stop for those who wish to have breakfast (on account of Pax).
08:45 Hrs. Once again we started our journey towards the Uhli Regional Museum, and the temple of Sechin.
11:00 Hrs. Arrival to Casma.

REGIONAL MUSEUM MAX UHLI.- In this museum they exhibit part of the archaeological remains found in the excavations of Sechín.

TEMPLE OF SECHIN.- This is a complex of ceremonial character and one of the most important archaeological monuments of the country, it is composed of 5 buildings, a lithic gallery and a semi-sunken square. On the wall of some of the stone buildings are carved the famous warriors of Sechin.

14:45 Hrs. Lunch in the area (on account of the Pax).
15:20 Hrs. We will head for the Chankillo Fortress. It is only 15 kms. Southeast of Casma. Conformed by 03 ovoid and concentric walls, with strategic accesses that lead to thick ceiling roofs made of carob trees, which support the weight of the wall that runs above. Below the fortress, towards the East we can find the Solar Calendary ofChankillo, the oldest in America. From that point you can see a spectacular view of the sunset or the sunrise.
17:50 Hrs. Travel back to Lima.
20:00 Hrs. Arrival in Lima. The end of the trip.

Cost per pax:   $ 155.00


- Tourist transport: Lima/Casma/Lima.
- Entrance tickets to Sechín Museum, Temple of Sechín and Chankillo.
- Official tourist guide. Tours of the Sechín Museum, Temple of Sechín and Chankillo.
- Official Tourist Guide and/or Tourism Coordinator..