Chiclayo, the Royal Tomb and the Tomb of SipanDesde: $ 0.003 Days/ 2 NightsBook Package

Chiclayo, the Royal Tomb and the Tomb of Sipan



Day 1 Chiclayo

Arrival to the city of Chiclayo, reception and transfer to the hotel. Free day
Accommodation in Chiclayo.
Meals: None.

Day 2 Tucume and Royal Tombs
Breakfast. Departure to Tucume to visit the archaeological complex famous for its pyramids and terraces surrounding the magic mountain traditionally known as Purgatory or Raya. You can appreciate 24 to 26 pyramids that cover an area of ​​49 km2 including the Temple Stakes, etc. Mirador. Later we will move to Lambayeque to visit the new and modern Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, has 10 showrooms in all the way, where you can appreciate the treasures of the Lord of Sipan and large collection of gold, silver and copper.
Accommodation in Chiclayo.
Meals: Breakfast.

Day 3 Sipan

We will move to Huaca Rajada to 33 km. east of Chiclayo and 2 km. The village of Sipan, where it has been found the intact tomb of an elite character, which has been called the Lord of Sipan (Moche 200 to 700 AD) The sumptuousness of its ornaments and the high degree of technological development the goldsmith work that is considered as the most important archaeological discovery of the century. Visit the museum and excavation site exploration. At convenient time, transfer to airport or bus station to take the flight or bus back.
Board: Breakfast.