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Caral and Agricultural City Of Vichama


06:15 Hrs. Pick up passengers from the hotel.

06:30 Hrs. Departure to the Arqueological Center of Caral and Vichama. Specialized information and guide during the tour.

08:20 Hrs. Stop at “Restaurante del Pino”. If you want you can have breakfast.

11:00 Hrs. Arrival in the Sacred City of Caral. Caral is located in the left margin of the lower half valley of Supe, to 26 k.m. of the coast and 350 m.s.n.m .; it occupies 66 hectares. It comprises a nuclear zone with 32 public structures and several residential complexes, and an area on the periphery, which borders the valley where several housing complexes were built. In the nuclear space of the Sacred City of Caral are the public and domestic buildings of greater status, distributed in two large halves: Caral alto, in the north side and Caral bajo, in the south. In the city of Caral several religious festivities were celebrated, in which were realized architectural remodels, fairs and ritual ceremonies.

13:00 Hrs. Lunch at the reception area of the archaeological site (Only Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from Monday to Friday lunch at Huacho).

15:00 Hrs. We will visit Vichama City.

It is located on the right bank of the low valley of Huaura, 1.5 km from the sea line and at 75 m.s.n.m. It has a total area of 18.10 hectares. Vichama is part of the set of settlements in the north - central Peruvian area, which had an intense social activity and participated in the socio - economic dynamics of the Caral civilization. The built space of the archaeological complex is formed by a set of architectural structures, with a function not yet defined, located between the esplanade, slopes and chain ravines of hills Halconcillos, corresponding to the last rocky foothills of the western slope of the Andean Cordillera.

16:30 Hrs. Travel back to Lima.

19:30 Hrs. Arrival in Lima. End of the trip.

Cost per pax:   $ 122.00

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* Valid from January 01 to May 31 -2020
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