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Lima Illuminated And Magic Water Circuit


Discover the beauty of Lima, visiting their main attractions and architectural monuments beautifully illuminated under the tranquility and charm of the Lima night. Our tour, shows in detail the imposing Historical Center of Lima. Presenting in a panoramic way important attractions such as La Plaza Grau, La Plaza San Martín, The Palace of Justice, The French Palace, The Cathedral of Lima, The Archbishop's Palace, The Government Palace, The Desamparados Station, The Convent of San Francisco, among others.

You can make an unforgettable photo session. The Magical Water Circuit is a wonderful spectacle of Cybernetic and Interactive Ornamental Fountains in which a perfect conjunction and harmony of water, light, music and images is achieved, with a Magic Fountain over 80 meters high and 12 spectacular Cybernetic Fountains with multifunctional facilities, becoming an important tourist destination of international scope. The technology applied in these sources corresponds to the most modern in the field of cybernetic sources, also allowing the realization of varied choreographies, including laser effects and the possibility of variation in their programming. As a Historical Park, Monumental Urban Environment and National Heritage, the Reserve Park is the gateway to the Historic Center of Lima

Cost per pax:  $ 65.00

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* Valid  December 31 -2020
* Applies for all seasons