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Citadel of Pachacamac


First turn: 08:30 Hrs - 12:00 Hrs.
Second turn: 13:00 Hrs. - 16: Hrs.

Pick up passengers from the hotel. Visit to the splendid and extensive archaeological site of Pachacamac. Sanctuary of God Pachacamac, the creator of the universe, this divinity was worshiped by the ancient Andean peoples. This site includes pyramidal temples and buildings built by diverse pre-Columbian cultures and by the Incas. The Temple of Pachacamac, the Shrine of the Sun God and the Palace of the Chosen Women, the Virgins of the Sun.

Arrival in Lima to the same point of departure.

pachacamac, lima

Costo por persona: $ 58.00

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* Valid  December 31 -2020
* Applies for all seasons