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Archaeological Complex of Túcume - Chiclayo
Archaeological Complex of Túcume - Chiclayo

Túcume, is located to 43 meters above sea level, has 89.74 km2, and forms part of the Lambayeque Valley. Just 1 km east of Túcume, it is also called Purgatory. Addition to it is located 33 kilometers north of the modern city of Chiclayo. According to archaeological investigations in Túcume, cultural stages are divided: First, the Lambayeque culture, between 1000 and 1370 A.D., second one, the Chimu, among 1370 and 1470, and finally, the Incas, between 1470 and 1532, whenthe Spanishpeople reached by 1547 year, whenthe pyramidswere abandoned.


Day 1: Túcume and Royal Tombs
Arrival to the Chiclayo city, reception and transfer to the hotel. Departure toTúcume to visit the archeological site, famous for its pyramids and terraces that surround the magic mountain, traditionally known as Purgatory or Raya. It could be seen from 24 to 26 pyramids that cover an area of 49 km2, including HuacaofStakes, viewpoint, etc.
Afterwards; we will drive to Lambayeque to visit the new and modern Royal Tombs Museumof Sipan, it features 10 showrooms in the whole way, where we will see the treasures of the Lord of Sipan and large collection of gold, silver and copper.
Overnight stay in Chiclayo.

Day 2: Sipán
We will go to HuacaRajadato33 km. at east of Chiclayo and 2 km., from the village of Sipan, where it was found the intact tomb of an elite character, which has been called the Lord of Sipan (Moche 200-700 A.D.) The magnificence of its ornaments and the high degree of technological development in the goldsmith work that is considered as the most important archaeological discovery of the century. We will visit the site museum and excavations of explorations.
Meals: Breakfast.

Day 3: Chiclayo Out
Breakfast at the hotel. A convenient time, transfer to airport or bus terminal for your flight or bus back.

***End of service***

It includes:

Air ticket Lima / Chiclayo / Lima.
Transfer Airport / Hotel / Airport or Bus Station
02 nights’ accommodation in Chiclayo
02 breakfasts.
H / D Túcume Royal Tombs Museum.
H / D Sipan (Huaca Rajada).