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Archaeological Center of the Sun and the Moon
Archeological Center of the Brujo (Warlock) - Trujillo


The Huacas of El Brujo, officially known as "El Brujo (warlock) Archaeological Complex" is located on the right bank of Chicama river, near the Pacific Ocean, in the Magdalena district de Cao, Ascope Province, Department of La Libertad, about 60 km to north of the Trujillo city. This archaeological site has occupation that began in the Pre-ceramic Period (3000 B.C.). However, its builders were the Moches, culture that developed on the northern coast of Peru during the Early Intermediate Period (100-750 A.D.).


Day 1: Huacas of the Sun and the Moon - Chan Chán

Arrival to the Trujillo city, reception at the bus terminal and transfer to chosen hotel.

10:30 Hrs. Excursion towards the south of Trujillo, visiting the Moche’s countryside, where is located the highesttemple of adobe in America, called the Temple of the Sun and Moon whose walls are decorated with beautiful arabesques in high relief with motifs of Mochica’s mythology, in many of which their deity is represented, also you will observe countless graves.

14:30 Hrs. In the afternoon, we will visit the northeast of the Trujillo city, this time we will go to the archaeological complex of Chan Chan, the largest mud city in pre-Hispanic America. We will know a handmade ceramic workshop, Arco Iris Temple or Dragon Huaca, Site Museum, Tschudi Palace; you could go all over its temples, reservoirs, burial platforms and reaching finally at the tourist center where you could see the city of mud from the top.

Day 2: City Tours - Archeological Complex El Brujo (Warlock) - Cao Museum

Breakfast at the hotel.

10:30 Hrs. City Tours in the Trujillo city (walking tours), where you could visit the following locations: The main square, the perimeter wall (Baluarte Herrera), Archaeological Museum, Palace Iturregui, Emancipation House, the Cathedral, House of Mayorazgo, Calongue-UrquiagaChurch.

By morning, Tours to the Chicama Valley, where we will visit the archaeological complex of El Brujo and its three pyramids: Huaca Cao Viejo (old) o Huaca Blanca (white), Huaca Partida and Huaca Prieta.

At agreed time, transfer to the bus terminal or airport.

*** End of service***

It includes:

1 Nights’ accommodation at selected hotel.

Tours as per itinerary.

1 American breakfasts.

Entrance of tour tickets.

Visit with Official Guides in Tourism.

Transfers IN / OUT Airport / Hotel / Hotel.