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Huallamarca Huaca
Huallamarca Huaca


The important archaeological site of Huallamarca or Sugar loaf Huaca is located in the district of San Isidro, within the department and the region of Lima, about 2.8 km north of Kennedy Park in Miraflores and about 5.8 km south of the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) of Lima. It is on the intersection between El Rosario and Nicolás de Rivera Avenues, San Isidro. In its construction was usedamorphous adobe, usual in Pinazo cultural tradition (100 B.C. to 200 A.D.) it let investigators establish that was lifted before the Lima culture that was developed in the valley (100-700 A.D.), the same as that imposed another constructionstyle.


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This important archaeological complex, just a little smaller than Pucllana: the Huallamarca or Pan de Azúcar (Sugar Loaf) Huaca, a scale of adobe pyramid with an impressiveramp.

A pyramid in shaped of ceremonial center from the pre-Inca, contains a museum that displays artifacts found on the site.

Apparently, Huallamarca was a ceremonial center which access was restricted, possiblyfor some religious elite, considering the fact that not covered floors show little wear by the use. A long sequence of jobs and the abandonment of this Huaca reveal the different ways, in which burial practices have changed over time.

During the historical period called Intermediate Period (Early Intermediate), the dead people were buried lying on her back on areeds ‘mattress. Towards the 6th century A.D., the corpses were placed in a flexed form, giving a fetal position and wrapped in thin clothings. And during the late stages of Middle Horizon (ages 3 and 4), the dead people were wrapped bales or packages with a false head up, a kind of mask made of cloth or painted wood.

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