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Cahuachi Ceremonial Center
Cahuachi Ceremonial Center


The Citadel was built on the left bank of the NazcaRiver, the same which flows into the Pacific Ocean. Currently, it is within the jurisdiction of the province of Nazca, Ica, in southern Peru. . It is at a distance of 42 kilometers from the sea and 18 kilometers from the current city of Nazca. It is 360 meters above sea level. He had a long existence of eight centuries, from 400 B.C to 450 A.D. Although; researchers also mention that they have found evidence of centuries ago, during the pre-ceramic period (3,000 B.C. to 1,800 B.C.).


04:30 Hrs. Our tour starts with the meeting of the passengers at the Porta Stret Nª 130- Miraflores.

Then, we will go by the Panamericana south Highway to the Ica department. We will continue our journey to the Nazca city. Towards the west of the city, after that,we will go by an unpaved road that will take us to the bottom of the valley where is the citadel of Cahuachi. Once in Cahuachi, our guide will take us to the most important sectors of this ancient city, we will know the Great Pyramid, the most imposing monument of Cahuachi, we will see thestepped temple, the small ceremonial squares of Cahuachi, and a series of buildings that help us to understand how Nazca man used to live over 2000 years ago. Later, we will drive our vehicle a few miles to the east, where we will see the ruins of there, an interesting archaeological site, consisting of some rows of logs of Huarango, where it is believed that once a great religious temple existed.

15:30 Hrs. Travel back to Lima.

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To wear light clothes because it is very hot in the desert, especially if you make this trip during the summer months (December to March), where the average temperature is 35 ° C during the day. If you make this trip in the afternoon is recommended to bring a jacket, as it could be cold winds. Bring water, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.