CARAL TOURS TRAVEL SERVICE S.A.C.On 15 September of 2005 we began our operations as a travel agency to provide our customers with excellent service in tourism consulting our sole purpose is to serve our passengers better and better.

AMADEUS and SABRE RED best computerized reservation system for automatic confirmation on airlines, hotels, rental cars, and weather reports in each city. While offering real-time information to make your reservations

Our Staff:
We have efficient and trained staff to provide advice to plan your journey time


  • We ship to your office or home to travel the relevant documentation.
  • Credit Cards We accepts all credit cards.
  • Cards travel assistance
  • We have the best insurance coverage worldwide.
  • Travel Ace Assistence.
  • Alliance Assist.
  • Assist Card.

Other services:
Advice to our counter to guide you on all your paperwork, passports, visas, itineraries and documents immigration.
We take care of your filing to the accumulation card airline miles of travel.

Convenience you can get information about our products through our
website http://www.caraltours.net

Lidia Medina Alva

Caral tours travel service Experience

CARAL TOURS TRAVEL SERVICE S.A.C. has pillars that will make your archaeological expedition, is not only a super adventure, but a convenient and responsible way to know Peru.

Here we list the top 10 reasons why CARAL TOURS TRAVEL SERVICE is the best archaeological tourism agency to entrust your next adventure:

  • 1 Personalized service:

    We want each of our expedition are polite and friendly attention from first contact with us.

  • 2 Experience

    We have 8 years providing unique experiences for our expedition.

  • 3 Natural food and personalized

    We provide natural foods and we adapt to vegetarians or allergic.

  • 4 Mobility own exclusive

    We have a modern fleet that will make your trip much more enjoyable.

  • 5 Certifications and Associations

    We are members of ASOTUR (Tourism Operators Association of Peru) and APAVIT PERU (Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism). We MINCETUR Certifications (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism), Ministry of Transport and Communications and PROMPERU

  • 6 Fans Vs Customers

    We fans not only satisfied customers.

  • 7 Professional and Qualified Team

    We have a team BA in Tourism, trained to give advice when making travel arrangements, visas and other.

  • 8 Proposal All Inclusive

    We seek to be part of the solution, not the problem. So we provide advice to our Counter module, to guide in its processing of passports, visas, itineraries and immigration documents. Also provide travel assistance Cards, Travel Ace Assistence coverage 365 days a year.

  • 9 Ease of Payments

    Our services can pay cash via credit card VISA or MASTERCARD (is added 5%) or transfers via BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria).

  • 10 Social Help

    We help our community by providing recreational activities for low-income people not only in Lima, but also to the provinces we visited. View Images